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Replacing the manual tasks of attendance taking with Attendance AI, an app that provides you with amazing features to help you maintain your attendance management.


Online Attendance

AttendanceAI system saves time and resources as all the hefty manual tasks are now systematically managed through mobiles online. The sole purpose of Attendance AI is to help human resource management to track employees' attendance online


Exact Time Tracking

Attendance AI helps you to track the exact login and log-off time of your employee, avoiding mistakes like sometimes employees forget to log in the correct timings and there are occasions when the employees misuse the system and give incorrect inputs.


Easily Scanned Attendance

Our system allows your employees to easily give their attendance by just scanning the QR code from HR’s mobile or allowing HR to scan the QR code from their mobile. Once the QR code is scanned in either manner the attendance will be noted in our system.


Integrated Camera

The digital camera is a great invention because it allows us to capture reflections Instantly. Thus Attendance AI provides you with a camera, instantly capturing the employee’s face and background while giving the attendance. Avoiding fraud attendance. This feature will also help while giving off-site attendance.


Tapping Geographic Coordinates

Attendance AI locates the Latitude and Longitude GPS Coordinates of any place. Fast and Easy! This means the location from where the employee is giving attendance will be tracked too. Thus it will become mandatory for your employee to be honest and give his attendance from office only.

User App


Tired of recording manual attendance regularly? Endeavor AttendanceAI, your pocket attendance manager, untangling your attendance efforts.

Logging In

Once getting registered by the Admin, the employee can use the AttendanceAI User App for giving attendance on a regular basis. For logging in for the first time the employee has to enter the registered mobile number and then must enter the OTP generated on the same. Once done the employee is now logged in.

On-site Attendance

The employee now can either scan the QR code from the HR’s AttendanceAI Admin App or can let the HR scan the QR code from the employee’s AttendanceAI User App in this manner his attendance will be recorded at the time of scanning.

Camera Attendance

Another way of giving attendance is by letting the integrated camera capture the picture of the employee. The camera will automatically capture the picture of the employee, the employee just has to, look at the camera for 5 secs and boom the attendance is registered with the picture.

Off-site Attendance

AttendanceAI allows employees to give off-site attendance as well, all they need to do is just open the integrated camera of AttendanceAI and click on the capture button and then their attendance will be recorded with their picture saved on the server of AttendanceAI.

Admin App


Simplify HR work, Champion the attendance management with AttendanceAI, one app covering all your attendance needs.

Registering Company

The first step is the registration of the company. The HR of the company will first have to register their company through Attendance AI Admin App. This will include company details and address so that the location of the employee while giving attendance can be tracked.

Listing Company branches

The next step is to list all the branches of your company, only in case you are having several branches of your company. You have to mention the proper address of all the branches here.

Enrolling your employees

The most crucial step is to enroll your employees so that they can use the AttendanceAI User app for giving their attendance. The admin of AttendanceAI will register the employee of their company using the mobile number of the employee. Once the mobile number of employees is registered by the Admin employee can use the AttendanceAI User App.

Astounding screenshots

Everything is fair in love, war, and screenshots. Thus find all the screenshots here for getting the first glimpse of Attendance AI. As getting the first glimpse of the destination before starting the journey is important.

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